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I was going to write something COMPLETELY different but this had me laughing today. :D Keep in mind my mom’s Filipino accent.

Hey Nay (mom), did you know Gabourey Sidibe’s mom is on America’s Got Talent? You know, that girl from Precious? Her mom’s a subway singer.

Her: (Keeps looking at me, I can tell she’s thinking) ….You mean to say she’s… a beggar?

Me: Haha no she just sings in the subway

Her: Because…you know… those people ask for money.
(Continues to look at me warily) Why…she cannot sing anywhere else? Why does she have to sing by the train? This is a specialty?

Me: No she just likes to do it.

Her: (Continues to look at me skeptically, then turns to do dishes and says under her breath) I don’t know about that. Something isn’t right.


The sister and I went to the Taste of Chicago armed with an organized itinerary of what places we wanted to hit and with what dishes we wanted to try. Overall it was a good day to go with the temperature being cool and the crowds not nearly as crazy as it’s going to be on the 3rd with the big fireworks show. We didn’t quite make it through what we planned (no samosas or cornbread w/ honey chili butter) but we made it through a good portion of the list. See below. :) We did manage to fit in lemon italian ice and a rainbow ice cream sample somewhere in there too. As full as we were, we’re most likely going tomorrow too. Gotta go back to finish off the list and for The Annual Funnel Cake!

Sister dearest
At the Taste

Gazpacho with Avocado and Chives from the Grill on the Alley
Gazpacho with Avocado and Chives

Fried Cheese Ravioli from Tutto Italiano
Fried Cheese Ravioli

Marinated Skirt Steak w/ Sweet Plantains from Las Tablas Colombian Steakhouse
Marinated Skirt Steatk w/ Sweet Plantains

Pot Stickers from Star of Siam
Pot Stickers

Tis I. Sorta. If You Look Real Close.

Beignets from from Lagniappe-Creole Cajun Joynt. Fried dough covered in a mountain of powdered sugar. This is a problem. A very delicious problem.

A quick clip made for the fam of our trip to Arizona. I would love to go back…

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So We Were In Springfield This Weekend...
With my uncle’s decision to go back to the P.I., my parents wanted him to see a piece of American history before he leaves and so, on to Springfield we went. Springfield is truly the Land of Lincoln. Ole Abe could be found on EVERYTHING including beer posters (proclaiming it’s down right patriotic to drink), and we even stayed in the Abraham Lincoln Hotel. After all that and visiting his house, his log cabin neighborhood, a whole museum dedicated to him and even his tomb, I am Abe-ed out. But, dare I say it, I had a good time. Usually long drives with my family in one car will drive me nuts but it was a relatively calm weekend and we managed to go 2 days without someone having a meltdown. This is a huge accomplishment for us! :D And I now know more about Abraham Lincoln than I ever thought I would…

Officially Graduated!

The kid sis graduated this weekend from Depauw (that’s her and Erik up there :D). Still can’t believe the four years passed by so quickly! Overall the day was pleasant. The ceremony was held outdoors and the sun was out making the campus look perky and ready for the big festivities. Everyone was happy and excited and caught up in the moment and once I heard the music I got all giddy inside remembering the day it was me taking the same walk at U of I seven(!) years ago.

My graduation was pretty emotional for me. Not in sad sort of way – it was just an odd mix of feelings that came together in a short amount of time that it was hard to process at that moment. You’re happy you made it to the end of the four year race, proud of what you’ve accomplished, excited about the future, relieved it’s all over, and sad you have to say goodbye to the little life you had for the four years. The change was unnerving and exhilarating all at once and I felt remnants of that watching her walk down the aisle.

I must say being there was a nice distraction for me. For once I wasn’t thinking about what changes may be coming to me soon. I tend to think about it too much and absolutely freak myself out. But taking the past two days off helped take the edge off. :) In many ways, I feel like a completely different person when I’m away from the job and I’m trying to remember that and my Sunday blues when I lose the nerve to go through with everything. T-minus 3 weeks and counting…

This weekend went by sofreakingfast! Trying to cram in sibling quality time can be hectic! We managed to fit in a show with the Luna Negra Dance Theater and did the whole shopping thing at Woodfield, but the majority of Sunday was spent in the Rav4, driving through the country roads of Indiana to get her back to her school. Didn’t mind the trek so much this time – all the trees were shades of red, orange and yellow. Pair that with rolling green hills and idyllic light and you’ve got yourself a pretty pleasant road trip. Sooo right now I’m in the Sunday-night-winding-down type of mood. A couple of songs have been on repeat lately on my “Nighttime” playlist and this one won out to be posted :) . Here ya go – Jason Mraz – Sleeping To Dream (Live @ The Eagles Ballroom). Give it a listen before you hit the sack.

As I am writing this on my work laptop, I am fuming and sweating buckets sitting up in our house’s un-airconditioned attic. Why am I in the attic? Because the people fixing our house are IDIOTS. First of all these guys have shown up once a week for the past month, and everytime they turn things upside down needlessly, only to not show up for another week. What little they have done could have been consolidated into one solid week. Instead we were left with, first, a hole in the living room (conveniently when were having a full week or two of rain) and then a completely empty living room and dining room for another week when they were “preparing” to sand the floors (a lot of the furniture was stuffed into a bedroom rendering that space useless too) . I understand things are bound to be inconvenient during construction and if I see the results I am cool with a little discomfort. But these guys have done shit. Don’t change things all around until you’re ready to do some work! Geez!

To top it off, when I came home today around 6:30 the smell of chemicals hit me before I opened the door. They were just finishing up varnishing the floors. Normally this would be fine if this was done with the windows OPEN and in the morning, and in a localized area so that we could still go through the house. But before they left at almost 7, they tell us to not step on the floor for another 5-7 HOURS. Umm ok? That just blocks off the whole house until at least midnight (including the only working bathroom since the attic bathroom is also under construction) and the house smells so noxious. Wtf am I going to do in a kitchen, which is also stuffed full with living room crap, wearing my work clothes, for 7 hours? Luckily my dad and I had a huge blow-up anyways so I stormed my ass out of the house for the whole evening… Oh tonite was just lovely. Grrr…