10 Minute Lunch - Mango Lassi

Another part of my Argyle haul mentioned before was a box of about 15 mangoes. Since it’s mango season, each one was perfectly ripe so everyday I was lucky enough to have a nice sweet mango as dessert after my dinners. By the weekend, I still had a few mangoes left but I was in the mood for something different… There was no way I was going to let perfectly good mangoes go to waste so I raided the refrigerator to see what my options were. When all else fails the quickest way I deal with super ripe fruit is to make drinks. So…milk? Check. Yogurt? Check. Leftover cardamom from last winter’s regular chai making? Check. We are all set for mango lassis!

The first time I had a mango lassi was right after school when my old ChE crew met up at Indian Garden on the stretch of Devon Avenue where there’s a bunch of Indian restaurants and businesses. If you’ve never had it, it’s got the sweetness of mango but is creamy and slightly tangy from the yogurt. I was sold and now it’s my staple drink when I eat out at Indian restaurants.

Prepping mangoes

Makes 1-2 drinks (more like 1 if you like mangoes like me ;) )
Approx amounts – adjust to your liking
1 Mango, sliced up – approx 1 cup
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup yogurt – I used Greek yogurt, half of a standard container
1 Tbsp sugar – will depend on how sweet your mangoes are
1 pinch of cardamom – optional but I think it rounds everything out nicely w/o tasting too ‘spicy’

Blend together and serve.