I was going to write something COMPLETELY different but this had me laughing today. :D Keep in mind my mom’s Filipino accent.

Hey Nay (mom), did you know Gabourey Sidibe’s mom is on America’s Got Talent? You know, that girl from Precious? Her mom’s a subway singer.

Her: (Keeps looking at me, I can tell she’s thinking) ….You mean to say she’s… a beggar?

Me: Haha no she just sings in the subway

Her: Because…you know… those people ask for money.
(Continues to look at me warily) Why…she cannot sing anywhere else? Why does she have to sing by the train? This is a specialty?

Me: No she just likes to do it.

Her: (Continues to look at me skeptically, then turns to do dishes and says under her breath) I don’t know about that. Something isn’t right.