…because judging by the last entry that is what this space has come to lol. I blame it on 1) not really having anything to say and 2) the purchase of my iPhone which I got shortly after that last picture was taken. My laptop was pretty much rendered obsolete for a month after I got the phone as I was integrating all of its lovely convenient aspects into my life. I am still attached to my phone but I recently picked up my camera again and realized how rusty I was and how much I missed holding it which then served as a reminder that this space has gone untouched for 9 months. Sooo does anyone blog anymore? Seems like FB, Tumblr, and Twitter is where it’s at right now. All of which I don’t use hehe.

So far summer has been this: two trips to California, Ravinia concert nights, Cubs games, eating out and catching up, iced green tea and raspberry-mint smoothies, skirts and dresses, one friend leaving and one coming back, and the return of real heat after the wimpy summer we had last year. So it has been good. Easy and breezy just like summer should be…