…so I used that as an excuse to check out Molly’s Cupcakes. ;) I’ve been wanting to pay this place a visit for awhile since everyone says it’s sooo good and after having the fancy schmancy desserts sometimes all you need is a a good ‘ole cupcake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

First Visit To Molly's

I intended to the trip to be a quick one, thinking Molly’s was a quick jump on the highway away so I would just get one red velvet and go. But after fighting traffic and circling around for parking multiple times you better believe I was going to get more than one to make this trip worthwhile. I decided to get two of the more popular choices. First one – the aforementioned red velvet:

Red Velvet

And it was good. Not great, but I would get it again. I only ate half (so I could eat half of the other cupcake w/o feeling that guilty). I think I would have preferred less cake for the amount of frosting but the frosting was cream-cheesy enough for me.
Next is the Ron Bennington – a chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter, frosted with chocolate ganache and crushed butterscotch. Yowzers this was rich. I could hardly eat half w/o feeling the ickiness that comes with too much sugar in a short amount of time. It was good though, and if you like the chocolate-peanut butter flavor combo you’ll definitely want to try this one. I suggest eating it slowly…and chase it with a frosty glass of milk.

The Ron Bennington

So would I go back again? A definite yes, but…. only if I was in the area. Molly’s is a bit out of the way for me, but I might make an exception to try another filled cupcake. :)