I don’t miss too many things from the 80’s. Not the hair (ewww teased ‘rainbow’ bangs), not the clothes (I admit I did wear biker shorts under my skirts), and most definitely not the hair bands. However, I do miss my cartoons. After watching Wolverine , I went YouTubing to find some old X-Men cartoon episodes and I thought of some old favorites…

I know Michelle and Samantha know this one. Although if you watch the first episode, you’ll notice there’s a different version of the theme song. Rio Pacheco was such a mack.

Next is Bionic Six, a culturally diverse adopted family with bionic abilities that fight the evil Dr. Scarab.

And before 90210 was 90210, we have Beverly Hills Teens. The biggest thing I remember from this show was the saying “Gag me with a silver spoon!”.

Ok so the above choices are a little girly with their fashion and family centered premises. I did watch some guy classics…
He-Man. Like another commenter on the YouTube page, I also thought Man at Arms looked like Dabney Coleman with that ‘stache haha. Twin Sister, She-Ra’s theme here. Side note: the “three people that shared She-Ra’s secret” were kinda lame compared to the “three people that share He-Man’s secret”. :/

And this post would not be complete w/o Thundercats. Cheetara was my absolute favorite and that rodent looking animal sidekick annoyed the crap out of me. Say it with me now, “Thunder…thunder…thunder….THUNDERCATS…HOOOOOO!!!’. This show always got me excited to go home after school.

Good times… I know I’m leaving out a lot. Can’t forget the Real American Heroes – GI Joe, or theTransformers, Dungeons and Dragons, and yes, even The Snorks. Well, the Snorks weren’t all that good really but still, I feel like a kid again watching the intro. :) Oh and Muppet Babies!

To close out, let’s count with the Sesame Street pinball machine and the Pointer Sisters!