Doesn’t every year fly by faster than the year before? I’m sitting here with day 1 of 2009 almost over thinking the next 364 will come before I know it. 2008 was in so many ways a year to remember, the beginning filled with a lot of questions and doubt but the end all about feeling great with no regrets. A big THANK YOU to everyone who put up with my emo moments! December was particularly awesome in that I was able to spend time with all my favorite people, old and new. Let’s hope the good times keep rolling in the next year!

Let’s just say I’m off to a pretty good start because… I now have this:


I was pretty flippin’ happy when I got it as a Christmas/graduation present! I used it immediately (literally half an hour after opening it and subsequently thanking everyone and anyone around) to make…


I love me some cinnamon rolls when it’s cold and icky outside! Recipe courtesy of Ms. Paula Deen. Lordy she uses a lot of butter! I cut it down a bit when I made it and didn’t add the nuts and was pretty happy with the result. Not the best pic but it’s yummy. Trust me. Do give it a try!