Sugar candies have arrived! It’s candy week at school and we’re up to our elbows in various confections. Making all these candies has really brought out the kid in us and we’re bouncing off the walls by the end of the day. It’s crazy what you can do with sugar, water, and heat…can’t wait for the sugar showpiece class in another month or so! Here’s stuff from the beginning of the week. We also have some caramels that are freakin’ fantastic but I wasn’t able to wrap them up to take home yet. Those will be in Part Two… :)

Marshmallows – Very easy to make.

Pineapple Pastilles – aka Pineapple Hard Candy
Pineapple Pastilles

Cassis Pate de Fruit
Cassis Pate de Fruit

Nougat – with pistachios and almonds

Passionfruit Pate de Fruit
Passionfruit Pate de Fruit

Raspberry and Plum Jam – Can’t forget the jams and jellies. We spent a couple days learning about ’em. It’s pretty simple to make, it’s essentially fruit and sugar.
Raspberry and Plum Jam

Yay sugar!