Two more ice cream cakes! (Btw…having template probs right now. Things will be a little different looking for a little bit.)

First up… Ice Cream Bombe
Ice Cream Bombe

French style vanilla parfait encased in raspberry coulis and chocolate ice cream on a sable dough base. Decorated with french meringue, whipped cream, fruit and chocolate plaquettes. Haven’t tried this one yet since I’ve ingested way too much sugar today already but it sure looks pretty.

2nd – Chocolate/White Chocolate Woodgrain Ice Cream Cake
Woodgrain Ice Cream Cake

Hazelnut dacquoise and caramelized hazelnuts layered between chocolate and white chocolate ice cream. Woodgrain finish on the sides. I did try this one and it was delish!

Today marked the last day of ice cream and sorbets. That was fast! Ice cream had its own special charm and it was a nice change to not work with an oven for a week. However it was waaay chaotic trying to assemble everything quickly since the ice cream melts so fast. The blast freezer was constantly opened which pretty much defeated the whole purpose of using a blast freezer in the first place. One last sorbet treat to show, hopefully tomorrow if all goes well in the freezer tonight. Plated desserts are next…