ice cream dip

The cake above is made of blackberry and coconut sorbet sandwiched in between layers of french meringue (which itself is covered in toasted almonds). The whole thing is then covered in whipped cream and decorated with more french meringue. I didn’t think the blackberry-coconut combo would taste good but I was so very, very wrong – they were perfect compliments of each other. Two more cakes to come…I could get used to French-style ice cream cakes. :p

The process of making ice cream and sorbet is super easy, but the math to get you there can be a little hairy. Once you taste the final product though you’ll find that it was sooo worth it. I seriously have not tasted ice cream this good. The going theory of our French chefs is that too much fat and sugar cover up the most important part – the flavor. I always thought more fat = yummier ice cream but yeah I was proven wrong about that one. Over the course of three days last week I tasted about 40 different, amazing flavors of ice creams and sorbets and took home 5 tubs to tide me over for the weekend (which is good timing considering we’re having a little warm-up here in Chicago). Life is good.