I was in denial for a while with how inconsistent Chicago weather is but this week was filled with the beginning of fall rituals – the wearing of the first turtleneck and scarf of the season, ordering the first HOT latte in months, putting away the flip flops and eating apple pie. I do love summer but those crisp fall breezes affects me in a way nothing else can. I feel refreshed… I like to be out and about in the city, layered up in jackets and sweaters and kicking around the changing leaves, but I feel equally comfortable at home spending an afternoon cooking in my pjs and for whatever reason there’s a renewed focus on getting things done.

Since my exam was over on Friday, this weekend was dedicated to taking things easy. After spending 3 days making:
-6 croissants
-2 loaves of toast bread
-6 blueberry muffins
-2 loaves farmer bread
-9 Chocolate Eclairs (filled with chocolate pastry cream and covered in chocolate fondant)
-12 Salambos
-12 Chouquettes
-12 Meringues and 12 teardrop meringues
-12 Coconut Rocher
-12 Madeleines
-1 Lemon Tart made with sweet dough and lemon curd
-1 Partridge in a pear tree (ok…lame joke :P )

…I was all for a stress free weekend! When I first saw the list I was all OMG!!!! But it was completely do-able and I had hours to spare so all in all it was not bad. But still, on Saturday it felt especially good to be at the Apple Fest with M, and later to catch with an old college friend. Hope your weekend was relaxing too!

On a side note the pic above is from the 2008 Snow and Graham desk calendar. I have long adored their whimsical and clean designs and this by far is my favorite desk accessory. It instantly pretties up your space and every month I look forward to another bright design to get me through the next 30 days. I will definitely be getting it again next year!