Exam #2 – Breads, Breakfast Pastries and Petit Fours

This time around I get the feeling we’re turning in a lot more product than the previous test on Cakes. We made so many things that I’m having a hard time making a mock production schedule with the products that are likely to be on the exam. That I can’t focus on anything for the life of me right now. Ahhh!

One thing I’m not going to attempt to practice on Monday and Tuesday – madeleines (pictured above). Any time there was a gap of free time for the day, we made madeleines since it’s basically a simple batter. In the course of a week I’ve probably brought madeleines home 3 times already and I am madeleine-ed out. They are great fresh though. The outside is slightly crunchy and the inside has a pound cake like texture, but one can only eat so much! There is a high probability they will be on the exam however, so I’m guessing more madeleines are coming home with me whether I like it or not.