I’ve been meaning to go to the Green City Market for a while now, and I finally made it out there on Saturday. For most of the summer I’ve been going to the farmers market in Park Ridge but man, does it pale in comparison to the Green City Market. There was an awesome selection of produce, but I felt overwhelmed and unprepared since I didn’t go with a plan in mind, so instead I walked away with a raspbery-peach-mint smoothie from Seedlings Fruit Farm and a tomato cheese herb crepe from Green City Crepes for lunch.

Afterwards, I headed over to Whole Foods on Canal to meet up with Ella for an autumn apple tart demo given by Chef John from school. And to top off the apparent food-themed day, paid a visit to Sur La Table to check out non-fluted tart rings (why is that so hard to find?) and Spice House for a savory treat – truffle salt. I’ve been on sweet overload with all the pastries from class so I’ve been craving salty stuff like crazy and wanted to satisfy the salt urge in a big way. A girl from class who works at the Spice House brought some truffle salt for the class to try and I was immediately hooked! If you haven’t had truffle salt, here’s a description from the Spice House site:

The rich, earthy flavor of truffles makes even simple scrambled eggs gourmet, but truffles can be hard to find and prohibitively expensive. This rare salt is made in Perugia, Italy, from fine Guerande sea salt and flakes of pure truffle. It is intensely aromatic – a tiny pinch is enough to flavor your dish. Use sparingly with egg and vegetable dishes, potatoes, risotto, soup, poultry, or fish. Great on french fries! A very upscale classic hotel in Chicago serves a popcorn with your cocktail at the bar popped in truffle oil and salted with truffle salt that is really delicious.

I had it on fries and was tres happy! :) In comparison, today was uneventful. Exam 2 is coming up and I’m trying to buckle down and study but my mind is resisting. It would much rather do other things… like watch Gossip Girl, make beignets (hey it’s kinda like practice for the exam!), write a boring post on what happened yesterday and procrastinate some more….