As soon as we saw in class that macarons (yup macarons and not macaroons) were on the agenda today, we were all super excited. Macarons have a bit of romantic/mysterious quality about them since the perfect macaron is hard to achieve and so, is harder to find. The Masters of the macaron are mainly found in France with Pierre Herme, Fauchon and Lauduree leading the pack.

Now what is a macaron? I talked a little about it before, but the macaron is a french sandwich cookie made mainly of sugar, egg white and almonds but it’s all about texture and infinite flavor combinations with this little petit four. The outer shell should be thin and crisp but the inside moist and soft. There should also be a ‘foot’ formed at the base of the top and bottom sides. Doesn’t sound too complicated but it’s a pretty tempermental cookie that only comes together under the right conditions. Gotta keep the ingredients dry enough, fold to the right consistency, know your oven, etc.

So me and my new partner dove right in… and man oh man were we happy with how they turned out! We even got to fill them with chocolate ganaches, one made with lemon and another with coffee from the chocolate master class going on next door taught by an M.O.F. They also gave our class a sampling of the candies made in that class and it was funny because as we all popped the different chocolates in our mouths we collectively got quiet because we were unconsciously taking in the flavors and textures of the teeny little pieces we had.

It’s crazy how school has changed how we all look at food. I mean, I thought I had a slightly more than average appreciation for food given my work as a food scientist but with class, everything has been upped a notch. Working with all these master chefs has really changed our standards as to what constitutes good, quality food. Now, I don’t want to sound like a bougie foodie. I hate when people get all uppity with their food and I will always love my Big Macs but it’s more about being aware of what else is out there and that it’s an option if you so choose. There’s so much out there to try so eat up and have fun with it!