Did we get enough rain this weekend? I don’t think 3 DAYS straight was enough. So icky to walk through…ugh. My jeans were COMPLETELY soaked through all the way up my thighs walking to the train with a bag full of breads from class. On the plus side, (a plus for me at least) the rain always makes me want to retreat to a nice comfy couch with a hot drink so I can settle in for a Gilmore Girls marathon. And given how the temperature’s been cooling down, I’m starting to slow down and think ahead to fall and other things…

1. I need a j-o-b. Need to figure out what type of job…(Omg! What am I going to do with my life?) Let’s not go there right now.

2. Must go to Apple Fest. Autumn does not get off to a respectable start without a trip to the Apple Fest for apple donuts…mmm…

3. Must.Also.Watch.Heroes.

4. I want the new Nano. Damn you Apple!

5. I want to take a class at Lill Street. Anyone up for pottery or textiles?

6. A really good ‘substantial’ book is in order. For some reason the crisp air triggers this desire.

7. Fall wardrobe changes are callin’ to me. Time for cute sweaters and layering! And a new bag. Oh and boots too. Yes boots would be nice. Too bad #1 is putting a damper on things. Oh how I miss money and a paycheck!

So far, the lack of incoming funds is about the only drawback to doing the school thing. I’m trying to enjoy my little break from reality as long as I can. When else am I going to be able to start my day at one in the afternoon? Or have the pleasure of just learning as the focus of my day? It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do that without any other major responsibilities.

So what’s going on in class now? Petit fours! I loved doing breads but my family can only eat so much of that stuff – we’re more rice people in this house. And this past weekend I got my third stage under my belt at another patisserie (the owner just won the pastry world championships!). FYI – staging is basically shadowing which is also a nice way of saying FREE LABOR. It’s been an eye opening experience but really, the last thing I want to do after long consecutive days of class is to spend my wee little down time working my ass off for free. Oy! I’m not scheduling another one for a long while!