Chocolate Tart Topped With Chocolate Nougatine Crisp

Although the pic doesn’t do this tart justice, Lordy was it gooo-ooood! And it was easy to make too – the best combination!

The tart shell is a simple almond sable dough and the filling is a 3 ingredient chocolate custard. Hehe even though there’s a short ingredient list I still managed to fudge it a bit. I underestimated the heat and had scrambled eggs in my custard! Thank goodness we strain the filling before pouring it into the tart b/c chunks of eggs in chocolate custard is not good. The recipe is pretty forgiving though so it still turned out well despite the little egg problem.

My favorite part is the chocolate nougatine on top. Think of it as a thin, buttery chocolate-almond brittle. Once it’s eaten the texture of the crisp along with the creaminess of the custard and slightly salty crust is freakin’ perfection. Yup this one is hard to have one serving of. :P