Lemon tart dip

No more cakes for awhile – it’s time for tarts!

The first exam week has come and gone and let me tell ya, I did not think one pastry thought this weekend! It was nice : D We got the results back today and I was pretty satisfied with the comments given on the products I made during the practical exam. I knew what was wrong with everything I did and yup, they caught every single one of my mistakes. Like I was telling S + M, one chef likened one of my chocolate cake layers in one cake build to “looking and tasting like brick” since I lost a lot of the air that was supposed to be whipped into the cake and instead ended up with a dense and compact patty. Oh well…

But now we’re on to tarts. The one above is a lemon cream tart topped with a French meringue. My partner and I made another tart with lemon curd topped with an Italian meringue piped in concentric shell circles that was so pretty, but since she did all the piping work for that one it was only fair she take it home. While that tart was prettier, I actually preferred the flavor of the one above so I guess we’re even :p The cream used above tasted much more balanced to me – the tartness of the lemons was in good contrast with the richness of the lemon cream and the added vanilla paste in the french meringue added a nice depth to the flavor. Makes for a nice summer day treat :-D