Rolled Fondant Looks So Pretty On Cakes

Looking at this cake makes me happy in silly girly way. Although I wanted to do a lot more with it in terms of decoration, I think it still looks pretty darn cute in its simple-ness.

I love the clean look rolled fondant gives – the cakes look so much more regal and polished. But while it looks great, the taste leaves a lot to be desired. It kinda just tastes like gummy super sweetness to me but hey if that floats your boat by all means give fondant a try! My gumpaste flowers don’t look too shabby either. It’s a good thing I took a pic when I did because about 2 minutes after I took the pic, the orchid fell to the floor and shattered. My lilies and daisies didn’t survive the trip home either. They all had petals break off in transit but my roses, carnations and blossoms made it home alright.

It’s exam week at the school and even though we had practice days, I couldn’t help but get a little anxious. It doesn’t compare to the bad old days when I was studying chemical engineering in college but still I don’t want to have a bad day in the kitchen on any of the three days we have the practical exam. It was crazy busy today! We have 4 products that we need to present to the chef by Friday and every day builds on product made the day before so I really wanted to start off on the right foot. So glad today is over but Friday can’t come fast enough!