This is A Croquembouche

I don’t think the weather can get much better here in Chicago. We’ve had a pretty good run of warm (but not too hot), low humidity days filled with sunshine and blue skies. I loooove summer days like this. Everyone is out and about enjoying the day and all is well with the world. In Chicago, you take advantage of days like this since cold dreary days will come soon enough and stay for like, 80% 90% of the year. :p So yes, warm weather = get out and have fun!

So on a completely unrelated note, here is a croquembouche. (Not quite the smoothest transition to another subject but I tend to be random like that. :D) A croquembouche is a traditional french dessert typically served at weddings. The french words ‘croque en bouche’ means ‘crunch in the mouth’. This dessert is made up of profiteroles (cream puffs) dipped in caramelized sugar and piled high in a cone shape. The fanciest ones I’ve seen can be several feet high so this one is a baby sized one in comparison.

The most fun part to make was the sugar sculpture on top. We used melted sugar and a sauce gun to make the different lobes and once they got hard, the pieces were joined in the middle using more melted sugar as glue. Not as much fun – dipping 100 puffs in a another solution of hot melted sugar. I was wearing gloves but still, that stuff huuuuurrrrts when it gets on your skin.

On another unrelated note – I am completely obsessed with the Olympics. I’m definitely NOT a sports nut by any measure, but when the Olympics are on, my tv is on NBC 24-7. Something about how this brings the world together gets me totally hooked!