Tarte Vanille

No I didn’t make the above dessert this time. :p
This one is from Vanille Patisserie, the same place I got the French Macarons earlier. One of the requirements of school is that I have to do stages at different shops and restaurants in the area so I decided to pay Vanille another visit and scope out the place.

I was going to post a little something I made in class today. We’re in our second week of Wedding Cakes/Specialty Cakes (the first week was spent making flowers out of gumpaste – hopefully will have something to show soon!) and so today we put together a 2 tiered cake that pulled together cake building and decorating techniques accumulated over the past week. Haha let’s just say I will NOT be adding illustrious cake decorator to my resume any time soon because my cake was a bit of an embarrassment. Ok, it was pretty darn ugly sooo that’s why there’s a pic of the Tarte Vanille up there instead.

However some other people in class made AWESOME cakes. One guy made a whole underwater scene on his cake, complete with seahorses. Yes seahorses! We were in total awe! Tomorrow we’re assembling rolled fondant cakes with the flowers made last week so I’m going to try to redeem myself!

In other news,
-Our house was nearly hit again. This time the car missed the house by a couple feet. Worst accident to date here. The cops on the scene were all, didn’t this just happen to you guys? To which I said, yup this is the third accident in less than a year. Lovely.
-Sheryl Crow at Ravinia was the best way to spend a Sunday night with the girls!
-I got to see Eric and Kathy at Children’s Memorial again. Pretty neat!
It was a great weekend…