Almond Galette

Here’s the first try at making puff pastry.

This pastry looks so completely different before it’s baked…a lot more…flat I guess is the best way to describe it. But as it cooks the whole thing puffs up a lot, literally growing 4-5 times its height by the time it’s done. The one above puffed up to almost the length of my finger and it smelled soooo good as it was baking! Buttery, flaky goodness…

If you’re a puff pastry novice the reasoning behind the puffing lies in the construction of the dough. The dough is literally made up of hundreds of layers (or thousands, depending on how many times you roll it out) of dough and butter. Once it bakes the steam from the butter in the many layers evaporates, which causes the dough to rise. It was pretty cool to see it happening before our eyes.

Another cool thing…beating a pound of butter into submission…literally. The butter is first incorporated as a square flat block that has to be somewhat pliable. The easiest way to get it that way is to beat it with your rolling pin. Good way to get your aggressions out!