Raspberry Silk Cake

I *heart* this cake.

My favorite thing to make and eat so far. Almond cakes, white chocolate mousse, raspberry gelee and hazelnut crunch in one delicious package. And I got to use this big airbrush-like sprayer to apply the pink layer on top! Tres cool.

This was the first product we’ve made that didn’t have a glaring flaw with it so we were especially proud. God, we were really feeling hopeless there since every single one of our cakes was messed up in some fashion. I felt really bad for this one group who, in the process of transferring their cake to their take-home container, flipped the whole dang cake over. Since they decorated their cake with red clear glaze and given that our cakes are relatively large, the whole thing was a big ole mess. Oy…these things are bound to happen to anyone.