Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

Composed of hazelnut dacqouise (which itself contains caramelized hazelnuts), chocolate biscuit (or sponge cake), hazelnut mousse, chocolate mousse (both mousses made with a pate a bombe) and topped off with a chocolate mirror glaze and chocolate plaquettes. All made from scratch.

Poor cake was in the process of melting. It’s a long train ride home for this delicate cake. I want to taste it so badly but I don’t want to cut into it unless there’s going to be enough people to share. At this rate I am bringing home a cake a day. Yesterday’s cake was the one missing the coconut mousse so I didn’t even bother taking a pic. It was still good though! :) Tomorrow’s cake is going to be an interesting one… wait and see! I’m glad to be taking home all this stuff but I HAVE NO FRIGGIN ROOM for all this in my freezer.

You know what’s been an interesting result of bringing all this stuff home on the train? People are not shy to express their curiosity and admiration for the cakes. Even though we, as the makers of the cakes, see all the flaws with it people come up too you freely to oooh and ahhh and ask you all kinds of questions. Kinda makes up for all the disappointments that come with the mistakes. This one guy said “I would mug you for that cake”, which now that I’m seeing that statement in writing, doesn’t sound entirely complementary but at the time I thought it was funny. And as I was leaving the train today half the car wished me good luck with school. I love how food brings people together and makes them happy. :)