Sable Cookies

But what a sucky Friday it was.

-I missed every bus and train I needed to be on time. Literally by seconds. Every single one of them pulled away as I was approaching. I felt oh so salty and then ran my ass off to be on time for class. Who doesn’t love doing that under the hot midday sun in summer?

-I cut my finger badly while dicing up a whole pineapple. My knives are SHARP. I didn’t even notice that I was cut. All of a sudden all this blood kept gushing out and wouldn’t stop. But since we have so many products to make, I stuck a band-aid and a rubber finger-glove thingy over that sucker and kept chopping. The only consolation offered was that at least sharp knives cut your flesh a lot cleaner than a dull knife so I will heal faster. Nice.

Oh and someone took one of the cakes we made! We all made 2-half sheets of pistachio dacquoise cakes to use in a nougat mousse cake build next week. And after this one step where we blast freeze apricot gelee over one of the cakes, we needed to add the other dacquoise layer on top. Lo and behold it’s missing! Why would someone take it?

Alright enough of the bitch fest. Overall everything has been good (yes, truly, despite the above) but it’s been a long week and today was just “one of those days” where everything goes wrong. Oy!

P.S. The pic above is of Sable Cookies. One of two products I was able to take home this week from class. The other was French meringue cookies. While the sables were rich and buttery the meringues didn’t taste all that great but apparently that’s how they’re supposed to taste. Oh well.

We’re in the process of cake building, which is pretty neat but stressful at the same time. You’re under pressure to turn out perfect things in such a small amount of time. Makes me crazy but I get a weird adrenaline rush too.

I miss my camera. My dslr is on vacay with the sis in the PI.