The New Commute

I couldn’t help staring out the window today during class. Not that learning about sugar for an hour wasn’t interesting but it looked so perfect outside. My seat was overlooking the courtyards in front of the Sears Tower and the whole area was teeming with people eating their lunch under the sun. Red double decker tour buses were passing through on Jackson Street and a farmers market was drawing a crowd. Yesterday was especially distracting with a concert going on in the afternoon that made the topic of sanitation even harder to listen to. Gotta love summer in Chicago.

I’m liking the busy-ness – lots to keep your senses occupied. My old commute to and from home usually consisted of sitting on the highway for an hour with the radio buzzing in the background and me trying not to get pissed off with all the traffic. Now I can watch the colorful neighborhoods fly by while I read on the train.

I’m sure the novelty of all this will wear off soon. Once my regular session starts next week, coming home tired at 8:30 at night will definitely not be fun. I am sooo not looking forward to daylight savings time either when it will be pitch dark at that time. But for now I’m going to enjoy it :).