School Supplies

So the first few days are over…

And it feels WEIRD.

In some ways everything is new. New people, new commute, new environment, new stuff to learn everyday. But everything feels old too. I’m taking the train everyday like in high school and taking tests again. Haven’t done that in ages. (Omg! It was so hard to study and concentrate for this easy-peasy test I had to take today. I so totally suck.)

But like I was telling S + M, what’s strange is not having any built in friends taking the class with me or just simply having friends in school. Most of the time in school before, there were friends going through the same situations and normal school stuff. Now it’s kinda lonely! It doesn’t help that I’m in this anti-social funk. I just don’t feel like chatting it up with everyone right now.

But putting that aside I’m ok with everything else. I love being in the city now instead of Downers Grove and I’m looking forward to all the stuff I’m going to learn and make. I’m really curious about the staging I have to do later on (I’ll explain what the hell that is in a future post). And the best part is, everyday is different and feels truly new again. So check back here every so often and hopefully I’ll get to show off some cool stuff that partial kit up there helps me do. :)