…made for Easter. Hope you had a good one. This cake looked really yummy coming out of the oven. The butter/brown sugar topping was bubbling all around the cake…mmm! However, I let it stay too long in the pan and the caramelized goodness mentioned above hardened and I practically had to saw the sides away so that I could invert it onto a serving tray. That is why you only see that side of the cake. :)

While on the topic of baking I had an interesting conversation with a pastry chef I met this weekend. I stepped into Crema, on Lincoln and Foster, for an Intelligentsia coffee fix. I had been there once before and the chef/owner remembered me from my first visit. We struck up a conversation and it came up that I work in the food industry too but as a food scientist and that I was thinking about exploring the culinary field. After explaining the ins and outs of my job he said ‘I want to do what you do’ to which I replied ‘I actually want to do what you do!’. We then talked about his experience in the field, culinary school options in the area, what the different ingredients were on the label of the coffee he was serving and their functionality and how one goes about making sugar-free food products (which was a big customer request for both of us at the moment). It was pretty cool to bounce ideas off of someone with a different perspective and at the end of it all I came out of there thinking I had learned a lot. I get the feeling he felt the same way too. Pretty productive for a coffee run.