Feeble Attempt To Bring Spring Into The House
I’m beginning to think we will never see 60 degrees again. This winter has seemed to last so much longer than usual. Blah! And I’ve got bad cabin fever. I just want to take a walk outside w/o piling on multiple layers of clothes and put on some sandals already.

So to bring some color back into the room I got a small bunch of flowers to perk up the bedstand. Nothing fancy schmancy but it helps :) Also took the opportunity to try out another lens. I haven’t really felt like shooting anything in a long while but after trying out a Canon 24-70mm f2.8L, I got the urge to drag out the camera again. While I would have loved to keep the Canon lens (yeah, don’t have an extra 1000 bucks laying around), I got the Sigma version instead. And btw, what you’ve heard about 3rd party lenses is true – you totally get what you pay for. I have 2 other Canon lenses and the Sigma definitely does not have the same feel and performance as my Canons so I’m not sure if I want to keep this bad boy. Now if only the weather would cooperate so I can really test it out and shoot something other than what’s on my bedstand.