Hazelnut Genoise Cake With Chocolate Ganache Mousse and Espresso Buttercream

I baked again this weekend. Once the cold winter days hit, I, for some reason head straight for the kitchen. This weekend I was in the mood to make something a little more complicated than the usual cookie fare and using my copy of Essentials of Baking: Recipes and Techniques for Successful Home Baking from Williams Sonoma, I decided to make a layer cake.

Sounded simple enough at first but as I was looking at the different options to flavor the cake, the whole thing became a lot more involved than I expected. I was up for the challenge though, and after the roasting of the hazelnuts, whipping of the cream and the making various egg/sugar mixtures, the result is above. Every bit of it is made from scratch! I was a little worried how the end product would turn out because the vanilla syrup that’s used to soak the cake before it’s frosted was more tart than I expected but there is no evidence of that once you taste the cake. This was a potential candidate to bring to the work Christmas party or Lane Tech Annual Christmas potluck but hells no am I making this again any time soon. Haha it was fun but I think I got the cake-baking out of my system for now. :p