Geez, it’s practically Thanksgiving already. In the span of about a week so much stuff has happened that it feels more like 2 months has passed. Here is not really the place to talk about it, but today on the 6th day, after the services, most of us found our way to M’s room where Josh and little Alex were rocking out to a Weezer song in Guitar Hero.

Knowing how big of a Weezer fan Yvette is, I asked if she had a Weezer B-Sides CD. She said no and I said ‘you are sooo getting this CD tomorrow!’ So here it is… a playlist of (most of) the b-sides and rarities every respectable Weezer fan should have. Ask and this too can be yours! ;)

1. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
2. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
3. Teenage Victory Song
4. Always
5. O Lisa
6. Starlight
7. Sugar Booger
8. Jamie
9. Waiting On You
10. Mykel and Carli
11. Brightening Day
12. Susanne
13. My Evaline
14. Velouria
15. The Christmas Song
16. Christmas Celebration
17. Devotion
18. Just What I Needed