This weekend went by sofreakingfast! Trying to cram in sibling quality time can be hectic! We managed to fit in a show with the Luna Negra Dance Theater and did the whole shopping thing at Woodfield, but the majority of Sunday was spent in the Rav4, driving through the country roads of Indiana to get her back to her school. Didn’t mind the trek so much this time – all the trees were shades of red, orange and yellow. Pair that with rolling green hills and idyllic light and you’ve got yourself a pretty pleasant road trip. Sooo right now I’m in the Sunday-night-winding-down type of mood. A couple of songs have been on repeat lately on my “Nighttime” playlist and this one won out to be posted :) . Here ya go – Jason Mraz – Sleeping To Dream (Live @ The Eagles Ballroom). Give it a listen before you hit the sack.