The need for a change of scenery was getting higher and higher on my priority list, so after months of online searching, official househunting began today. Open houses. Waaaay more exciting than anticipated! For the past year or so I’ve only been doing window shopping, carefully narrowing places down by price, neighborhood, pictures, etc so that in the end I had a neat list of places that screamed “me” in one way or another. My basic criteria is 1. safe, clean, young neighborhood, 2. lots of bright natural light, 3. updated kitchen 4. hardwood floors 5. in unit washer/dryer. Aesthetically I like open spaces, and the apt needs to have a comfy/cozy vibe on Sunday afternoons and rainy days. Oh and a balcony would be nice too. Not too much to ask right?

So I’ve had my eye on a place in Roscoe Village for a while and this weekend they finally had another open house. So cute! It fit all my criteria and I was mentally placing furniture in each room, picturing lazy Saturday mornings in the living room and all the parties to be had. BUT of course, the price was not exactly what it seemed online. Not good. It is a buyers market but I don’t think I can bring down the price that much. We’ll see…

On to the next open house on Elmdale. The neighborhood is perfect, a very family friendly section of Edgewater. Fit all of my criteria (on paper at least) with the very big plus that it’s by many of the amigos. But they were closed and I’ll have to drag the girls out another Sunday afternoon to check it out. Well if the outside is any indication of the inside, I think we’re in good shape. Btw, bring someone who knows what the hell to look for, esp if you are a first time buyer like me, b/c I sure as heck did NOT know where to even start with questioning. (If you’re reading this, thank you again Samantha!)

So yeah not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon. A lot more productive than my Sundays usually are. Although I’m not looking forward to all the money I’m gonna say bye to, I am looking forward to something I can call my own and somewhere to have everyone over. Sweet!