So a clean-up crew came by this afternoon after the insurance people checked out the damage. The bricks are gone, the floor is now swept up, and the piano is upright. The living room is looking much better now but large cracks in the neighboring walls and ceiling are evident and we can no longer close the front door b/c some idiot opened it knowing that the frame was damaged. It’s lame but one of the things I felt most bummed about was losing some of my snowglobes from my travels (I try to get one in every city/country I visit). Heh, guess I’ll just have to go back to Greece and Italy… Oh well…

But if you’re curious or need a refresher on what the living room looked like before, here’s a pic from a couple years ago:

Sunday Afternoon

P.S. Thanks guys for being so supportive. Makes this whole thing a lot easier to trudge through. ;)