I can’t sleep. And here is the reason why.



I’ve calmed down now, but I was pretty damn hysterical at first. As you can see a frickin’ truck DROVE THROUGH THE FRONT OF MY FAMILY’S HOUSE. The vantage point in the second pic was close to where I was when the whole thing happened. I was in the dining room doing a quick internet search on my laptop when I heard a screech. It was loud, but no biggie, we live on a busy corner and cars stopping abruptly at the stoplight is common. But the screeching didn’t stop. It got louder and it seemed like it was getting closer and closer. Then *BOOM*. Bricks thrust out from the wall, our huge mirror shattered and our piano tumbled down in one loud burst. The couch got pushed across the room and for the proverbial split second I was scared shitless that the car was going to go further into the house and closer to me.

Thank God it didn’t. I really believe we had someone watching over our corner today because no one got hurt. No one in our family (and we were going to watch a movie in the living room!), not the driver and his passenger, and no pedestrians. My dad was watering our lawn and our street is extremely busy so I was sick to my stomach running through “what if” situations in my mind. Everyone is ok and that’s the most important thing.

You know what annoyed me? People immediately came over saying “i board up windows, I’ll give you a fair deal” etc, but I really doubted their sincerity. And all the gawkers kept making comments like “glad this didn’t happen to me” and “oh we can see inside their house!” when my family is standing outside in our pajamas, the obvious sign that yes, we are the ones who live here. Do you think we want to hear that right now?

So tonite all of us are still awake… we’re still a little shaky but we can have a little laugh about it every so often. The mess in the second pic is going to stay that way until Monday when we have an estimate for the damage done on the house. This is why you have house insurance, people! The police freaked us out at first when they told us the house wasn’t structurally sound but it’s fine and we’re staying here in the meantime. However my parents are absolutely convinced that they won’t have peace of mind if they continue to live here and are seriously considering moving. This makes me so sad… we’ve lived here 21 years and they just paid off the house completely last year. I can’t bear the thought of this place not being “home” anymore.