For some ungodly reason, I can never manage to get any sleep on Sunday nights. Even if I am extremely tired, without fail I toss and turn in bed and watch in defeat as the clock changes from 12am, to 1, then to 2. This inevitably screws me over Monday and so for the rest of the week I go sleep deprived. Ugh, I hate that!

So with my trusty new laptop in tow, I surfed the hell out of the internet. Here’s some sites where I wasted my life tonite. I’m sure y’all will find good use for them when you’re having a bored moment as well.

Egads! 10 year high school reunion! Where has the time flown? After Court mentioned the site when we were at Hooters on Friday, I had to take a peek. Duuuude, I haven’t seen most of those faces since we graduated. A good portion of them don’t look even remotely familiar. And a lot of peeps have like, 3 kids already. Crazy! Most interesting find: apparently Trey the Chocolate Jock from Power 92.3 graduated with us!

2. Buzzfeed’s compilation of Gates vs. Jobs articles. With the purchase of my MacBook Pro last month, in my opinion Jobs wins HANDS DOWN, but it’s nice to see all the reasons why he’s so great in print. If tech news isn’t for you, then you can peruse Buzzfeed’s articles on Britney’s Lumpy Ass.

3. In another Jobs/Mac related item, if you google “i don’t know what to do with my life” (and yes I really did that), Jobs’ commencement address to Stanford in 2005 is the first hit. Definitely worth reading.

4. Free Banksy art! Grab some cool wallpapers or print them out.

5. Misc. Chicago food discussion threads. Favorite Tea Cafes, LTHForum’s Great Neighborhood Restaurant Awards, and NewCity Chicago’s listing of top taco joints. Or check out the 12 restaurants with the most health code violations. Two of them are close to my house!

6. Last but not least, Girlshop is having a huge sale. Girls, have fun going through all the online boutiques.

And even after doing all this I am still not one bit sleepy. It’s 3am. Mother f.