-Summer is flyin’ by again…The little sis was dropped off again at college this past weekend. Doesn’t the little bugger look so darn happy? I miss her already. :( (Btw, gas in Indiana was friggin $2.74!!! So cheap!!!)

-This picture of my dad cracks me up every time I see it. My dad falls asleep at the drop of a hat and he always ends up in funny positions or holding random objects. In this case it was both. I tried prying the remote from him but damn he was holding on tight!

-My mother LOVES her some Oprah. However she is in denial. Last year for Christmas, she gave me an Oprah magazine subscription. Among my family members, we all knew it was really a Christmas present for her under the innocent guise as a gift for me. Now for my birthday on Friday, she happily hands me a pink gift bag. I reach in and lo and behold, I am now the proud owner the Oprah 20th anniversary 6 DVD set! Just what she, I mean I, wanted!

This is why I love my family…