Make lemon cake! I needed a little food therapy, so that’s what I did today. Last week was a bit…stressful. Thanks guys for listening to my irrational rants. :) I was (and am still) freakin’ out. In a nutshell, a job offer came out of the blue but I didn’t count on the old job counteroffering with a different position and title. Things are in limbo until I see the details in writing so in order to distract myself I hit the kitchen.

I regularly check a number of food blogs and an article in last week’s Tribune highlighted a few more blogs I had overlooked. Over at Fancy Toast Erielle Bakkum had a recipe for lemon cake that I just had to try for myself. If you like lemon treats you’ll definitely like this cake. It’s moist and sweet with just the right amount of lemon (the secret is the lemon syrup that is allowed to soak in before the glaze is applied). Chase it with a tall glass o’ milk and you are in heaven my friend.

The only addition I would make to the recipe is to heat up the glaze before applying it. My glaze came out looking more like super thick frosting and was in no shape to be drizzled on the cake like the recipe called for. I warmed it up for less than a minute in the microwave and that helped A LOT. By the time I was done the sun was down (which equals crap lighting) so no decent pics of the final product. (Below the lemon syrup is starting to soak in.) But trust me, it was good. :)