I was so surprised this morning to hear that my work buddy, Martin and his story (edit – I removed the link) was completely plastered on the cover of Sunday’s edition of the Suntimes. Two things bother me about the article – 1. A lot of the facts about Martin’s situation is false. Maybe the reporter was dramatizing details to make a juicier story and 2. although this story puts another spotlight on the hot issue of immigration, the immediate effect could be a sweep document check of everyone in our facility. Not good. Why oh why did he give his last name and use the company’s name?!

But, if you know Martin, he always tries to do “the right thing” even if it comes at a personal cost. The proposed immigration bill, which would mark the undocumented as criminals hits very close to home for him and doing this story was his way of rebelling against it. My two cents? To make it short, I’m against it as well. Everyday I work with Martin and people in his situation, and they give their work 200% with no complaints and with low salaries in return. I don’t think the argument that illegals are taking jobs away from Americans is valid because countless times I have seen firsthand that you will not find Americans willing to work under the conditions and salary that illegals do. This country was built by the hard work immigrants and we can’t forget that.