…when you’re shopping in Argyle. I headed over there yesterday to get some genmai cha tea (brown rice tea) from Tai Nam and of course I have to pick up some goodies at Chiu Quon Bakery. With 10 dollars I got 2 pork buns, 2 sweet top bean paste buns, 3 bean paste cakes, 6 sticky rice balls, and a tray of rice cakes. So this morning I enjoyed the spoils.

Dude Tai Nam’s like Joy Yee’s – it’s one of those places where you know you’re going to run into someone from high school or college shopping with their family, or at least their tiny asian grandma. And they fit a lot of merchandise in a teeny tiny space. Only in asian stores are you going to find obscure things like artichoke and bittermelon tea. The foodie in me can spend way too much time in these places. Well I would have yesterday if I wasn’t followed by a creep that worked there. Talk about aggressive, he kept tailing me throughout the store and even whispered hello in my ear as he was walking by. Eek! I attract winners I tell ya. But anyways…grocery shopping (usually) makes me happy. :)