It’s funny what guys think girls like. I was blogsurfing and somehow ended up on Yahoo Personals (long story, not going into it here :) – it started with someone at work). This is what some guys will do to hook themselves a lady friend:

-If the guy was in the military at any point in his life – HE WILL WEAR HIS UNIFORM IN HIS PROFILE PIC. ‘Cause you know, girls just love a man in a uniform. This also applies to policemen and firefighters. Note to guys who pose with their guns: THAT LOOKS HELLA SCARY TO GIRLS.

-If the guy is a firefighter, the tagline in his profile will be some sort of regurgitation of “I’m a lonely firefigher looking for his flame”. Lame.

-The guy will post pics of himself surrounded by either small children (tends to be multiple kids or else prospective mates will think he has fathered a child on the side) or some sort of cute fuzzy animal. This screams “See how loving and sensitive I can be?”.

-The guy may post pics of himself next to a badass car. Lesson to the fellas – if you decide to post your salary and it’s a bit on the low side, I’m not going to believe you drive a Jaguar. Another variation, parking the car in front of a cool building. That’s fine and all but I think it’s funny when you notice they’re in a yellow zone so it looks like they pretty much emergency parked the car, jumped out for the pic and jumped back in for a quick getaway.

See told you I was bored…