Today I was checking the specifications on some red jalapeno powder I plan on using in a new product. There was a heading entitled “Extraneous Matter” meaning other stuff you might find mixed in with the pepper powder. This is what was listed under that category:

Insect fragments: 50 per 25g maximum
Striated animal hairs: 6 per 25g maximum

Whoa. Good to know there’s a limit on how many insect pieces and animal hairs there are in my food. It kinda seems high to me anyways. I can understand the insect pieces but animal hair? Where the heck is that coming from? I find out goodies like this every day at work. The canned soup you eat has bug pieces in it too, well basically anything that contains vegetables will have bugs in it because there is no way to completely eliminate them but there is an acceptable level. Did you know there is an acceptable amount of mold and other microbial growth in your food as well? And don’t get me started on the chemicals that are in no fat foods. Yeah…just what you wanted to know huh? :) Some food for thought.