What an interesting way to document your family’s progress. This project spans thirty years solely in pictures.

When we came back from Cinci, I noticed there was a speck of mold on some bread Rick had set aside for quick lunches. So I asked him, “You want me to throw this away?” I could tell by the look on his face he didn’t really want to and that he thought the bread was worth salvaging. But once I see any sign of mold on food I won’t go near it so I gave him this disbelieving “I can’t believe you would still eat this” look. He reluctantly gave in and threw it out.

Fast forward. I brought some porkchops to lunch. It was a bit heavy so I reached for some rye bread we had up on a shelf above Rick’s desk. I opened the bag up, took two slices and proceeded to eat my lunch. Then Rick says “I think I’m gonna make a sandwich.” I hear him open up the bag of bread, then….silence. Finally he says “Ummm did you check the bread before you ate it?”

Oh bloody hell. I turn around and the entire friggin’ loaf is covered in mold. Not just any mold but heavy multi-colored growth. OMG!!! What have I eaten??? Rick, of course had this satisfied smirk on his face.

Rick: “And you wanted me throw away…”
Rick: “I’m just saying…”
Me: “I MEAN IT!!!”