I am beginning to think that I am personally funding my dentist’s kid’s college fund. Despite taking immaculate care of my teeth there’s always something more I need to have done. I went in to see Dr. Pops today and this is what he had to say:

Resin Based Composite $186
Resin Based Composite $159
Root Canal Therapy $689
Crown $795
Prefab Post $233
Extraction $170

Grand Total $2232!!!

Thank God for insurance! But seriously though, I don’t know what else I have to do to be dental work free. This visit I have a cavity forming on a tooth that I thought was already practically a huge filling – was there really any tooth left to have a cavity on? But despite that price tag, the scariest thing on that list is the extraction for the last wisdom tooth I have left. If you’ve never had an extraction, what they do is they basically numb you up, take a pair of pliers, and just go in your mouth and pull the sucka out. It is so very crude and if you’re squeamish don’t look at what else comes out with your tooth. Not a pretty sight.

But anyways, met up for the third time with one of the companies I’ve been interviewing with. Turns out I was the first call back and I passed the psych test (yay! I’m sane!). Spent nearly 2 hours getting grilled again by a panel of three but this time around I wasn’t as tongue tied. The official verdict will come in three weeks…