In a little bit I’m off to bed.

I was going to do a little blurb on the little things of today, like betta fish shopping, tearing up when Mildred said Friday was going to be her last day, the difficulty of finding a non fast food restaurant to eat in at exactly 2 pm, adventures in caring for a nickel sized frog, or some other mundane detail of the day.

But even though it’s the end of the day, I still can’t shake this dream I had last night from my consciousness. This morning I woke up from one of those dreams that you experience so vividly and fully that when you wake up, you question whether or not it was a real moment or that it really happened. You desperately want it to be true and you try to go back to sleep to try to continue where you left off but it never works. All you’re left with is blurry faces and shapes and the realization that something that felt so true in that moment really wasn’t. I’ve been trying to pinpoint details of this dream all day today but all I can remember is feeling so extremely connected to someone. It almost leaves me feeling unsettled because of how intensely close I felt to this person without knowing who they were once I woke up.

Ah dreams. I’m hoping to have some more pleasant ones tonight. Speaking of… I’m up way too late again. Damn insomnia. Has you up thinking all sorts of crazy stuff. Alrighty g’night!