Today felt so LONG. Too much going on today that it feels like yesterday was a week ago. I had to be at work at 6am to run three test runs in the plant, two of which did not go smoothly. Then when I come back, Mildred pulls me aside and tells me she gave her two weeks notice! Mildred and I held down the fort at work for over a year when we were short staffed, just us two. She’s the one who put into motion switching me into R&D at SLC and we spent so many late nights at work trying to keep our heads above the water with the overwhelming workload. She practically taught me everything I know there with her unending patience and was always willing to help me with a smile. I was so bummed but happy for her at the same time because after all the years of long days she’s just going to chill in the Indiana countryside with her hubby. They both quit their stressful jobs today and from now on have no deadlines, no projects, and no worries.

But for me this is so not good. If I thought things sucked before, it’s not going to get much better. I’m the next in line so I’m not sure what the expectations will be. If things work out with me either finding another job or deciding upon school soon, my poor new co-worker will be left. Poor thing, he’s only been there less than three months and we’ll all have cleared out.

So what did I do? I called up Mich and said I need a drink…and now! I drowned my sorrows in a La Passion with a lomito thrown in to round out the meal. My lomito was good but I think I could have used another La Passion. And another and another and another.