Listening To:
The Soul Sessions
By: Joss Stone

Do you ever call those numbers you don’t recognize on your cell phone? Most of the time I just ignore them ’cause I figure if you’re calling for something important you’ll leave a message. But today I checked my phone after work and I had three missed calls, 2 of which were the same number. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to call that number back. Four rings pass then someone answers “N******** Foods”. !!! That’s the company I was interviewing with last month, the one that made me take all those tests. Turns out they emailed me earlier asking me to come in again.

I mean, that’s a good thing and all, I made it to another round, but I’m not feeling as happy as I thought I would be. With this company it’s a step up, but with the other company I interviewed with, the culture there was awesome. I really liked the people and the energy, but in this case, I’m bordering on being overqualified for the position. Argh and add to that, now things at SLC are actually going pretty decently, dare I say things are going great. With my new co-worker, the work load is much more bearable. Sooo what to do? Well I shouldn’t even be thinking too much about this until I have a written offer in my hand. Soooo there. I’m done. :) Ideally if I could I would chuck the food industry for a year or so and just travel the world…now that would be cool…

But anyways, behold, Kaizen’s fave group EVAR: The Dormitory Boys !!! Gotta love that Video Gallery. :)