Hey all-back for the new year. What day is today? With all these random days off for the holidays, I’ve been kinda disoriented time-wise. For the past two weeks I’d wake up and wonder do I go to work today? I always have a hard time wrapping my mind around accepting a new year. Another year has passed so quickly with more weddings, more babies getting born and more old people event things. Crazy!
I was resolved to write meaningful posts this year. Posts of importance, posts of substance! So I tried to do that today and…I got nothin’! So posts about meaningless crap it is. :)
No work today, so I tried to do some after Christmas/New Years clearance shopping, hence the Pier One mirror shot. Nothing much to speak of left which may be a good thing because I am thinking about getting this:

I want this camera.

I need this camera.

It’s the Canon Digital Rebel 350D XT. I could really go for the Canon 20D, but for the money and my experience level, I think the 350D is the way to go. I’ve been looking to move up to a dslr for a while and Canon is having a rebate promotion going on until January 15th where you can get up to 3 times the rebate amount back depending on the items you buy. So should I take the plunge? The holidays have left my wallet hurting but when can I get the camera any cheaper? Oh dilemmas, dilemmas. Don’t even get me started on what lens(es) to get. I’ve been doing research and it looks like it’s practically a crime to not get the 50mm/1.4. I’m just wondering if it’s going to work as a “walk around” lens for me.

The last time I had an slr in my hands was probably high school so I’ve been itching to get my hands on one again. My lil p&s has been loyal to me and it will still be my “take everywhere” camera but I think the 350D will give me that extra bit of freedom I’m looking for in composing shots. The past year has largely been about dusting off old hobbies as a result some of my pics have been featured in some other places – nothing huge and I’m not quitting my dayjob, but it’s a neato feeling when someone asks for your permission to use your stuff. :) So hopefully more of the same in 2006. Here’s to doing what makes you happy!