Oh man…I am so glad that “interview” is over…

The interview was slated to start at 9am.
I didn’t come back ’til 3:45.
That’s how long it took.

I took three tests. 1st test: basic math, no calculators. Not too bad but when was the last time you had to long division by hand with long ass numbers? Second test: 2 pages of columns and columns of numbers in teeny tiny print and I had to mark which columns had the same numbers. Weird. Third test, logic and word questions. At this point I’m thinking “Wtf?”.

Afterwards I was grilled twice by a panel of three employees who were all managers and directors of research and development of various products. Horror of horrors! It’s like this: I easily get all jittery if I’m on the spot and at that point, word vomit just spews itself from my mouth. I cease making sense and I mumble and it’s just awful. Well at least they took me out to lunch. Butternut squash ravioli at Feast was good but really I was in no mood to enjoy it. I thought this was over, but I have to go back again for ANOTHER damn test. A personality one this time. Don’t know how I’m gonna sneak out of work this time. I’m totally out of vacation time. Looks like it’s time to be *cough, cough* sick…

You know what made me feel better though? M sent along this mp3 of a prank call from Roy Wood Jr. Freakin’ HILARIOUS! Please play it! Find it here and click on any of the Barbara’s Checks links under prank calls and enjoy!