Stupid Blogger has been having hiccups as of late…

So how was your weekend?

Mine can be summed up with
1. Kids at the hospital sharing how their sisters passed gas.
2. Empanadas, lomitos, and mangotinis…oh my! ATC was right. Argentinian food rocks! Thanks for the suggestion – my stomach was very happy. :)
3. Driving through the winter wonderland that is Wisconsin on Sunday. Again. Hopefully this is close to the last time. Made for some pretty scenery though.

So what will this week bring? The Christmas spirit is getting infectious and I’m running on happy juice. As I write this, the tree is getting assembled downstairs while an old Christmas record (yes, record – old school baby!) we’ve had since I was a kid is playing. Somehow it isn’t Christmas without hearing Johnny Cash singing Little Drummer Boy at least once during the season, haha. Being the procrasinator that I am, I haven’t started shopping of course and I don’t even know where to start this year. Twenty more days to go…plenty of time! I really need to go on a (picture) shooting spree. Haven’t felt right being postless on flickr. That will come soon, I just have to take care of some important stuff for the time being. Speaking of…my break is over…back to work I go…