3 Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend
Harry Potter. It was that good.
-Hacker Pschorr Beer and Papa John’s Jalapeno and Sausage pizza for 3 meals. Sounds kinda gross but I had a mad craving for it.
-Staying in Sunday afternoon and relaxing with a cup of cinnamon coffee
I brewed while watching food and travel shows.

3 Things That Irked Me
-93.9 playing Christmas music nonstop when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.
-Yahoo Music and Shop Etc. who keep sending me invoices for things I NEVER RECEIVED. Best quote from Shop Etc. “Please send payment immediately to ensure no interruption in magazine delivery” Well, there’s nothing to interrupt because I haven’t received a damn issue and I don’t want to either.
-Flickr pervs who add every girl possible to their contact list so that when these unsuspecting girls check out the perv’s page it’s him fuggin’
nekkid. Yuck.

3 Things I Have Procrastinated On For Too Long that I Finally Did
-Summing up the yearlong tab M and I have been racking up.
-Tackling the 4 inch thick pile of reports I had to finish for work.
-Doing research on Chicago area grad schools.

3 Additions to the Bookshelf
PostSecret : Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives by Frank Warren.
Found: The Best Lost, Tossed, and Forgotten Items from Around the World by Davy Rothbart.
Photobooth by Babbette Hines.

And Finally 3 Things I’m Looking Forward To
-The sis coming home.
-A three day work week.
-This year finally having Thanksgiving with just the family at home.

Feelin cozy…